We started this company for one reason, and its been our driving force ever since. We want woman, actually, we want everyone, to love who they are. To look upon themselves with a whole lot less judgement and a whole lot more love. We truly want women to rebel against the absolutely soul crushing, fictional notion that they aren't enough. Because we are enough, just the way we are. 

Its our life, and its time that we take back our power and start defining who we are and what we want from life. How we want to look, what we want to do, how we want to be - those are things meant for us to define. Boatloads of conditioning have led many of us to believe that we need to be something other than who we are. Some of us don't even know who we are. We only know who we wish we were. Or what others say we should be. I say, kick that idea to the curb. Face your beautiful, authentic self in the mirror and start to dig deep and find some wild unconditional love for yourself. Because your Self is good. Your Self is great. And your Self deserves to be loved, most of all, by you. The hell with everyone else. And I mean that with love. 

So, be kind. Its one of our mantra's here at Rebel Spirit Empowerment from Within. When we are kind to ourselves, that kindness begins to flow toward others. And that is a delicious feeling. 

Samantha Hoffman and Chloe Dutton

Founder and Co-Founder, Mother and Daughter